Kat Dodsworth

Kat Dodsworth, REALTOR®

Speaks: English



As a member The Parkhill Greenberg Group, Kat Dodsworth is a personable, honest and, prompt agent. Kat is a strong negotiator and prides herself on making sure her clients are truly getting the right value for their purchase.

Kat knew she needed a career that matched her bubbly, friendly and caring personality. Kat believes that these are just a few of the natural traits of a successful Realtor. Her passion and drive for real estate started with her friends and family where Kat would point out the different properties and homes on a daily. They encouraged her to follow her dreams, as her real estate career was eagerly anticipated.

What Kat loves most about being an agent is meeting new people, getting to know their needs, wants and, playing matchmaker with houses. She loves building and maintaining these relationships as they eventually turn into friendships. As a strong negotiator, Kat also loves reaching agreements and getting the right price for her client’s so that they are truly getting the best value for their purchase. Feeling rewarded on all ends of the sale is what motivates Kat and is what she looks forward to in all of her transactions.

In her free time, you can find Kat going to different sporting events, spending her time outside and going on long hikes with her dog. You can also find Kat involved in her community, specifically with Fly With Me Animal Rescue.


Kat Dodsworth does not currently have active listings. Please check back frequently or contact Kat Dodsworth directly.